Team Leader Manual

Team Formation - Preparation - Follow Up

Greetings Team Leader,

Be assured that your team has been called to the field by God, and that He is ultimately in control. You have been, and will be, lifted in prayer by those on the field and those at home.

It is a good idea to get the team together to meet one another and start bonding through fellowship and prayer. If this is not logistically possible, the team leader should contact each team member and give them a short outline of what the mission task will be, team member backgrounds, and encouragement about the upcoming trip. If there are any problems or concerns about team makeup or conflicts, please advise us as soon as possible.

Start making plans about your departure date. Arrangements for getting people and luggage to the airport, having travel documentation ready and accessible, meeting others at connecting flight terminals, and who you are meeting upon arrival on the field. Early preparation makes it much easier to sleep the night before you leave!

On the Field

Team members may not be familiar with the process of getting through customs and all the airport tasks when you arrive for your visit. It is very important the first impression of the mission trip is a good one.

Upon arrival at the mission site, team members should be encouraged to be friendly and get to know the nationals.

Meet with the missionary, or person responsible, for your mission as soon as possible. Work through the daily schedule and expectations with him.

Time should be set aside every day for team fellowship and devotions, personal quiet time, and time for building relationships with those on the field. Allow enough time for everyone to write in their Life Changing Journal. This is a new experience for many, but will be a wonderful blessing to all so coaching and encouragement will be appreciated.

It is of utmost importance that you are fully responsible for the team, and the team should be submissive to you. The team, and the team leader must be submissive to the host missionary(s) at ALL times. Remember that you represent your church, your country, OMS, and the body of Christ as a whole.

As the days wear on, temperament and patience tend to wear thin. Be sensitive to the concerns, fears, and needs of others. Some may be ready to go home. Others may be anxious about not completing all they had set out to do.

Encourage team members to get pictures of the things they will remember the most about their trip; PEOPLE! We would like a team photo taken some time during the trip and any other pictures that could be used for the Country Prayer Brochure and/or ACTION Magazine. Please send pictures to: The lives that are touched will have the most impact on team members and will tell their story to those back home.

It is imperative teams stay together while traveling and while on the field. This is not a time for individuals or groups to take off on their own to see sights or people not on the agenda. There may be times where the team splits up in ministry, but that is the call of the field missionaries.

Devotional Time

Make daily group debriefs, devotions, and fellowship a priority. Be sure everyone in the group has the opportunity to reflect and share how God is working in their lives. Learn about their families, dreams and needs. Give each person the chance to lead in some aspect of this very important part of the trip. Songs, Bible studies, devotions and individual styles of worship should be encouraged and respected. Invite the missionaries to consider being part of this experience, but do not insist.

Trip Wrap-up

The final night of your trip provides a wonderful time for the team to reflect back on the highs and lows of the trip. This is a good time to work on the team evaluation forms as a group and to share with each other. Some may be disappointed with aspects of their trip while others will be in awe of how God has blessed this time. Be sure to have each team member complete their evaluation so that you may collect them prior to departing. Please return all evaluations using the return envelope provided in your packet. Also, distribute to each team member their personal 'Next Step' brochure. Invite your Field Missionary(s) to participate in this meeting. This is a great opportunity to communicate the groups' feelings and concerns. It is also a time to show your support and dedication to praying for the work that will go on after you have all gone home.

Would you see if there is someone on your team who has a desire to write a story or article for the ACTION magazine? They should be encouraged to do so. The testimony of someone coming home from a Ministry Team may be just the thing to inspire others to make the commitment to go.

You, as Team Leader, should have a closeout meeting with your field representative. Take a good look at the accomplishments that were made. Make this a time of thanksgiving and fellowship. Even if you are not satisfied with what was completed, be assured that GOD was at work and He treasures your efforts!

Please complete the Team Leader Evaluation form as soon as possible after your trip and send it in the enclosed envelope. We are excited to hear from you and share your story with others!

Follow-Up Meeting

Approximately 2-3 weeks after your team gets back from their Life-Changing Journey it is always recommended to have a team follow-up meeting. The intention of this meeting is to hear stories of how God has moved in each other's lives after the trip and to see pictures that retell the story. This is also a great time to encourage team members to deeper involvement with missions. Please let MFM know how we can be of assistance in your post-trip process.

Thank you for taking on this very important role.

Men for Missions

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